High Desert Equine Center
American Bashkir Curly Mares-meet the "Ladies"

ABC #3927
Foaled 2010

15.2 hand bay mare.  Super super nappy

coat, she is the curliest currently at High
mane and tail that does not shed.  Big and
gorgeous, she is also intelligent!  Well started
under saddle, she is a quiet and reliable
mount.  Soon to be finished as a
Hunter/Jumper, we think she will be
quite an attention grabber in the show arena.
By DCC Traveller, ABC 2450 out of

Ponderosa Black Star, ABC 2175.
"Red Cloud Skydancer"   ABC 3342

Foaled 2001
14.3 hand Black Tobiano mare.  With nappy,
nappy curls and a sweet disposition she is a
super addition to our herd.  Although from all
gaited lines, we have only seen her trot, but with
a beautiful long ground covering movement.  We
started her in Dressage where she was very
successful in 2012.  Now she is excelling in the
Hunter arena as well.  She is truly special.  
With her head turning good looks we will
continue to show her off every chance we get.
Out of McK Cassie ABC 1321,
by DCC Apache Scout, ABC 2412.