ABC 3183, foaled 2001

Black Buckskin, Sabino Gelding.  15 hands.  Well known to
many, Surprise has been on the show, demo and parade
circuit for many years, holding several National ABC titles in
Performance and Versatility as well as multiple High Point
Championships at both Curly and open show venues. Shown
in both English and Western, he is currently starting a new
career in Dressage and hopefully will make his debut this
Spring.  With his stunning good looks he brings oohs and ahhs
every where he goes.  He has a gorgeous shoulder length
mane and thick ground length tail, as well as chrome to match.  His heavy well proportioned build
exhibits the epitome of the Curly conformation.  Out of Okie "J" Sasha Houdini ABC 464, by Okie
"J" Red's Buddy, ABC 2438.

American Bashkir Curly Geldings...Meet the "Boys"!
ABC 2158, foaled 1996

Palomino Appaloosa Gelding. 14.1 hands. What can we say  
about Fiesty?? He's little, but he's mighty. Essentially he is
the heart and soul of everything a Curly should be!  What he
lacks in physical appearance with his small stature and his
short little corkscrew mane and paint brush tail he makes up
for in everything he has brought to the table over the years
we have had him.  He literally has seen and done it
all...everything we have asked him to do.  He has been shown
both English and Western, parades, demos, trails, done lessons, even helped
round up cows.  His riders have ranged in age from 6-65.  Sometimes too smart for his own good, he
occasionally will put riders to the test, making them show him what they know!  He not only holds
multiple ABC National titles in both Performance and Versatility as well as High Point Champion
titles at Curly and open show venues, but he also holds the coveted honor of being in the
for PERFORMANCE HORSES! Foundation bred out of Okie Squaw Enis, ABC 1058 by
Colonel's Fiesty Fella, ABC 203.
ABC 2651, foaled 1999

Liver Chestnut gelding.  15 hands.  Pretty is as pretty does...
and he is both.  With his beautiful head, sleek build and
incredible shoulder length mane he is certainly pretty,
turning heads everywhere he goes...but so is his
beautiful Fox Trotting gait!  This boy can get up and head
it down the road, keeping his rider comfortable and
gliding. With experience in the show, demo and parade
arenas he is no beginner...yet he is gentle enough to be
ridden by one.  He holds Championship titles in Curly
show venues and will continue his career in the years to
come in the open gaited horse show arena as well.  Out C.R. Charming Tamar ABC 488
by C.R. Curly Prancer ABC 490, he has the foundation Curly Fox Trotter breeding.